EPC law is changing. Are you covered?

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EPC Facts is here to help you make sense of the April 2018 EPC legislation changes

From April 2018, law around Energy Performance Certificates, also known as EPCs, is changing. These changes are around minimum energy standards for buildings and will impact owners and occupiers of domestic and commercial property. The EPC legislation changes make it unlawful to let residential or commercial properties with the lowest 2 grades of energy efficiency, an EPC Rating of F or G.

This change could have significant implications and potential financial risk for domestic landlords and owners of commercial property. This is how you could be impacted:

  • You will no longer be able to let properties with an F or G rating.
  • Your properties with sub-standard or poor EPC ratings are likely to lose market value, as they become less attractive to buyers and tenants.
  • You could find it more difficult to let your properties with low EPC ratings.
  • You might see impact on rent reviews, with tenants fighting increases for properties with a poor EPC rating.

It is highly likely that as the April 2018 deadline approaches, demand for EPC assessments and buildings energy efficiency work will increase dramatically. Don’t put it off and get caught out with a potential fine of £5000 – use our online tools and if you need help, get it well ahead of time.